We specialise in crafting bespoke audio experiences for film, TV, and media, tailored to evoke emotion and enhance storytelling.

"Music has the power to awaken the soul, ignite the imagination, and create harmony within the chaos of the world, transcending boundaries and connecting us all."
SOG Composer

Our Statement of Faith

Spearheads of God is committed to producing music that does not conflict with our Christian core values. Our audio-visual content is inspired by the world we live in and aims to help transforms lives. Rooted in a deep faith, our mission is to glorify God through every note and lyric. 

Music Services


Music for film, TV and media

Focusing on quality, our bespoke compositions evoke emotions, enriching film and media experiences with unforgettable soundscapes.


The emotion you envisioned

Shape your project’s unique soundscape with our customizable stock music. You choose the overall genre, mood, and tempo in order to get the perfect fit.


Elevating your production

Crafting professional scores in sync with client briefs, our projects captivate audiences and evoke powerful emotions, ensuring a memorable impact.

Music Packages

1. Standard Service


Pre-composed music written in a particular genre
Sold publicly on our website
Licenses available/released is 100
Includes a full composition mixed and mastered

2. Brief-Based Service


Based on client brief (genre, mood & tempo)
Exclusive licence rights for 6 months
Licenses available/released is 100 (after 6 months)
Includes a full composition mixed and mastered

3. Custom Scores

Flat fee

Price based on project budget
Exclusive licence rights for 12 months
Spotting session with director/music supervisor
Regular communication and reviews

4. Custom Scores

Work for hire

£300 per minute or 2% of budgets over £1m
Own publishing rights (ex. performance rights)
Spotting session with director/music supervisor
Regular communication and reviews

Corporate Music Benefits

In the highly dynamic landscape of marketing, the strategic use of stock music in campaigns and jingles can make a world of difference. Stock music offers a vast range of styles, moods, and tones, enabling you to select the perfect soundtrack that complements your brand’s messaging and captivates your target audience. Its role in enhancing the overall appeal and memorability of your campaigns is invaluable.

What distinguishes our stock music service is the sheer quality and diversity of our collection. We provide access to a diverse library of pre-produced music, each track crafted meticulously by experienced composers and mix engineers. We pride ourselves on offering unique and emotive music that is not merely background noise but a powerful tool that amplifies your brand’s story – and remember, our “Brief-based libraries” package allows you, the client, to request the genre, mood and overall tempo of the music!

While stock music offers numerous benefits, the quality of the selection is paramount. Poorly chosen music can detract from your message and diminish the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Hence, the careful curation and selection of stock music are essential to ensure it aligns with your brand’s vision and appeals to your audience.

With over 25 years in the music industry, Spearheads of God Music Production House is an expert in curating high-quality stock music. Our vast experience has given us an in-depth understanding of different genres, styles, and moods, enabling us to provide a diverse selection that caters to various branding needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive only the best tracks that enhance, not hinder, your marketing campaigns.

We offer an ever-growing collection of high-quality stock music spanning various genres, moods, and styles. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to browse, select, and license the perfect track for your campaign. We also offer a fantastic licence agreement that ensures you can use your chosen music on multiple projects across multiple platforms.

Don’t let your campaigns go unnoticed. Add depth, emotion, and memorability with our top-notch stock music service. Embellish your brand’s narrative and make an impactful statement. Contact us today and explore our diverse music library. Your brand’s powerful sonic journey is just a track away with Spearheads of God Music Production House.

Our Samples

Versatile Samples for Dynamic Media Masterpieces

Elevate your film, TV and media projects with our wide-ranging sample collection. Curated with versatility in mind, our samples come in a variety of genres, keys and BPM's. These samples are designed to ignite your creativity and seamlessly adapt to your unique vision, propelling your work into uncharted territories of auditory excellence.

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